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Marking Scripts Allotment System


Sahiwal Board has constantly been striving to design its evaluation process in a manner that it is used as a powerful means of influencing the quality of education.

Teacher can mark maximum of 100 scripts per day.
The bill payment will automaticcaly be made when whole scripts of a subject are retrieved.

Who are the markers of answer scripts? How do they mark the answer scripts? How can it be ensured that marking is fair, objective and reliable? Questions of these types naturally arise in the minds of candidates appearing in the public examination.

Answer Scripts marking is a specialised job. It is assigned to teachers who are in direct touch with the subject and have a minimum of 3 years experience of teaching the subject at that level. Appointment of examiners is made in accordance with the welldefined norms. Markers examine scripts with the help of detailed guidelines called the 'Marking Schemes'.


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